About us

Listen – create – improve

We listen to the client because his/her needs are crucial information for us. Great design reflects the essence of the brand. We want to know you and to determine who you are and where you want to go – what you like and what makes you feel bad. We want to know everything you can tell us about your products and ideas because we will implement YOUR vision, not our ideas.

We create marketing solutions for any situation. We do not underestimate small orders, but we are not afraid of even the biggest ones either. We know that one great leaflet can take your business to the next dimension. We are a team of specialists who can meet all your needs and create the right solution for you and your business.

We are steadily improving ourselves to be able to create the perfect presentation of your company. A 10-year-old logo may not be quite right. A great product remains a great product, but customer preferences change. Don’t be afraid of innovation. Change is life, and a well-designed change of corporate visualization can change your life in a way you couldn’t even have hoped for.

We specialize in:

Graphic design

Logos, logo manuals, corporate identity, flyers, brochures, posters, wedding invitations, New Year cards, menus.

Sign making

Car and shop window stickers, direction signs, signs, marking labels, stickers, advertising banners, promotional items, milling 3D letters.


Modern web design, responsive design, WordPress system, installation of WP templates.

Packaging design

Modern and engaging design for your products.


Digital printing, offset printing, large format printing.


Advertising spots, animated videos, music videos, wedding videos, product videos.

How we work

The first impression matters

Come visit us or write to us. We will discuss your needs and propose the next steps.

We'll find out all about you

Don’t worry, nothing compromising, but we need information for our work. About your work, your customers, your wishes … We are thorough because we take you seriously.

Bursting heads ...

… we often have this phase. But it’s our favourite phase. Because now the future is starting to be formed, now we are creating something new, now ideas are being born. While you sleep peacefully, we drink hectolitres of coffee and inspire each other and simply create the marketing concept. And believe it or not … we love it

And we're on the home stretch

Now you can see our designs, evaluate them and get all the outputs from the previous stage. Then we shape them into the final form. To make them like a diamond – clean, beautiful and timeless.

Creative, intelligent & functional ideas.

This is what our work looks like (examples of implemented orders):

Meet the whole team

We're a real team. We all experienced cooperation with The Reklama Kozel Company, where it all started. Our relationships and abilities passed the ordeal by fire, have stood the test of time and now have even more space. New challenges have arisen, and the time for new ideas has come. As a result a dream team has gradually formed, building on the best - Creative Team. We're here for you to implement your ideas.

Contact us

  • Na Stráni Street 546/26, CZ_40502 City of Děčín, Czech Republic

  • info@creativeteam.cz

  • (+420) 731 112 042